BIM Services

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1-Outsourcing BIM Services: BIM Modeling, design in BIM and support in delivering projects: 

  • We work remotely from Spain with UK and USA via BIM360 to help deliver projects in BIM.
  • Model creation from 2D into 3D, with the integration of BIM uses 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D.
  • Bespoke creation of Revit Families.
  • Drawing production from the models.
  • 3D Scanning and Scan to BIM
  • Process Automatization:
            • Dynamo and Grasshopper scripts creation.
            • Complex Geometries.
            • Automated Information Management  (Data extraction, parameter population..)
  • BIM for Civil Engineering.
  • DfMA Design for Manufacturing and Assembly. Prefabrication, Offsite construction.

2-BIM Implementation and Consultancy.

  • Company analysis:
    • Process Analysis.
    • Human Resources and capabilities analysis.
  • BIM Implementation:
    • Standards and specific documentation creation for companies.
    • BIM profiles definition and selection
    • 4D, (program of works), 5D (cost estimation and quantity take-off from the models), 6D, Facility Management, and asset management from the bim models.
    • Connexion with existing systems: ERP, CRM, Databases, IoT
  • Support and helpdesk.
  • Training for companies and individuals.
    • BIM courses in-company or in BIM + Partners Academy.

3-BIM Project Management and Coordination.

  • BIM Office. Digital Project Management.
    • CDE System selection.
    • Quality Audit of models.
    • Clash detection and issue tracking.
  • Information Management:
    • BIM Level 2
    • Open BIM: IFC. COBie
    • Specifications Management in Projects: Uniformat, MasterFormat, Uniclass, GUBIMCLASS, …
    • Parameters Management
  • Business Analysis & Reports:
    • Data Dashboards creation, connecting the BIM models with other internal platforms and systems: CRM, Big Data Analytics.